Remote measurements

Get more out of your test equipment


Here you will find a lot of information about one of my interests within the area of radio communication, automated measurement and control.

The objective of this site is to make you enthousiastic using a modern computer to control your measurement equipment and creating a fully automated test environment.

These days a lot of (obsolete) professional measurement equipment is increasingly available on the (second hand) market. Many of them have the ability to be remotely controled (via GPIB Interface).

Installing such an interface into your desktop computer will add a new dimension to operating the equipment and minimizing your effort needed to setup and generate measurements.

This will increase your data collection possibilities, revealing undiscovered patterns in the behaviour of the device being tested.    

So, enjoy your remote measurements !

Jos Delissen

"The SMFP2 radio test set is the first system published on this site. I hope you will enjoy it's information and the software made for it (at least I did so when creating it). Only with a joint effort we could make this site even more valuable for amateurs, ham radio enthusiast or even professionals. Therefore, if you would like to share your information, idea's or even home made (GPIB) control software this would be more then welcome. See the "author" section to contact me"