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ESH3 : General Info

The ESH3 test receiver which measures and demodulates AM double sidebands, single band, pulse modulated and FM signals as well as interference in the range of 9 khz to 30 Mhz is suitable for manual and programming as a
-  selective RF voltmeter (in conjunction with a current probe it can also 
  measure RF currents)
- field strenght meter in conjunction with a suitable test antenna (e.g. HFH-2)
- system unit in automated test systems

The voltage range in the average mode extends from -30 to 137 dBuV (with amplifier ESH3-Z3 -37 dBuV)  It was manufactured  somewhere between 1979 until 1987.

Its model number is 335.8017.52 (56). The main distinction between these models is their IF bandwidths :
 -   0.2 / 0.5 / 2.4 / 10kHz : Model 52
 -   0.2 /   1 / 2.4 / 10 khz : Model 56
All models are equiped with a GPIB/IEEE-488.2 interface.

Special features of the ESH3 are :
- Synthesizer, frequency resolution 100Hz
- Automatic gain correction in the whole frequency range
- Measurement of voltage, field strength, current, spectral density and 
  attenuation constant with display of physical unit; conversion and
  bandwidth correction factors are automatically taken into account
- Additional evaluation capabilities of frequency-offset, including
  modulation-depth and frequency deviation
A good second hand ESH3 will cost around 1200 - 1800 Euro when fully operational. Any (hardware) error are made visible in the alphanumeric LED display. However, it is essential to have the operating manual, since many operating and measuring functions are only initiated with special function codes.

Desirable option is the 
ESVP-B1, Oven-controlled crystal oscillator (358.1119.02)