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SMFP2 : General Info

The mobile tester SMFP2 is a compact, integrated test sets for the entire range of AM, FM and QM transceiver measurements. It is part of the famous SMFP(2) and SMFS(2) family of Rohde & Schwarz build between 1980-1984. At that time their prices were  around 40.000 USD.

The difference between the SMFP2 and SMFS2 is that the SMFP2 has a GPIB interface (R&S called it IEC-bus) and a continuous tuning modulation generator (10 Hz to 25 Khz), while the SMFS2 has no GPIB interface and only 12 fixed frequencies. The SMFP is an older version of the  SMFP2, also equiped with a GPIB interface and therefore suitable for automatic measurements.

A good second hand SMFP2 /SMFP will set you back around 600 - 900 Euro when fully operational. Offers around 300 - 500 Euro will suffer from the usual deficiencies like faulty LCD display, power supply and "smoky" ELCO's, but still can be a good catch. However, watch out if it lacks some essential circuit boards because rebuilding them will be costly, and some  IC's are obsolete and hard to get. Getting exchange LCD's is almost impossible.

Desirable options are          
SMFP-B2  1 Ghz Frequency Extension
SMFP2B3  60 W Power Meter (instead of 30 W)
SMFS-B5  GPIB Interface for the SMFS(2)
SMFS2B6  Selective call decoder
SMFS2B7  Selective call encoder
SMFS2B8  RF-millivoltmeter
SMFS-B9  Analog Display
SMFPB61  Adjacent-channel Power Meter
SMFPB41  Duplex Deviation Meter (factory fitted in SMFP(2))
SMFPB91  Duplex Deviation Meter (factory fitted in SMFS-B9)