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CMT  : Repair

The CMT has several calibration routines which might be needed to eliminate errors appearing at start-up

[D] [0] [SPEC] Offset adjustment of DC measuring Circuit
[D] [1] [SPEC] Offset adjustment of Power Measurement
[D] [2] [SPEC] Calibration of the modulation characteristics
[D] [5] [SPEC] Automatic offset adjustment in CMT switched off
[D] [12] [SPEC] All LCD segments are switched off for 5 sec
[D] [13] [SPEC] All LCD segments are switched on for 5 sec
[D] [14] [SPEC] Checking the spin wheel
[D] [15] [SPEC] Checking the keyboard
[D] [20] [SPEC] Checking Battery  of basic unit
[D] [21] [SPEC] Checking Battery  of Auto Run  Option CM-B5
[D] [22] [SPEC] Checking Battery  of Memory Transfer Option  CM-Z1
[D] [25] [SPEC] Memory Test of Transfer Memory Option  CM-Z1
[D] [30] [SPEC] Offset adjustment of RMS Meter